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Traqmate Classic

This complete track-ready setup includes everything in Traqmate Basic plus an ergonomically designed display unit that will show your lap times in your car including lap comparison and best lap icons. You can choose drivers, cars, and tracks, erase unwanted sessions, and get immediate feedback on the performance of you and your car on the backlit, bit-mapped graphic display. Qualifying mode adds in a predictive lap timer that shows you how fast or slow you are compared to your best lap.

A powerful tool.


  • Traqmate GPS Sensor Unit
  • Traqmate Display Unit w/ backlight
  • Traqview Analysis Software for Windows TM
  • Magnetic mount GPS antenna
  • Velcro mounting
  • USB cable
  • 6' Locking Connection Cable SU - DU (M - F)
  • Cigarette lighter or 12VDC Power Cable

What is Traqmate?

The Traqmate is a vehicle data acquisition device that uses a high-speed GPS receiver and high resolution accelerometers to track and record the speed of a vehicle, its absolute location, and forces acting on the vehicle. The Track Systems Traqview analysis program uses advanced mathematical algorithms to translate this data into visual form where it is easy to spot differences between drivers, vehicles, and sessions.

Use Traqmate's unique modes such as Race, Gauges, Drive, Autocross, G-Force and Inputs keep you informed and help tune your car to the max! The Traqmate Classic Complete stores everything internally, just like a memory stick.

Data Made Easy

Data acquisition has never been easier or more affordable. Installation consists of powering up, a GPS antenna, and some velcro. Analysis is as easy as choosing your runs and hitting the PLAY button on the Traqview screen.

Professional Grade -
Professional Drivers Who Use Traqmate

Professional race teams can't live without data acquisition. They use it to hone the performance of their cars and drivers for that winning edge. Now you can too.

Powerful Software

Our unique and powerful Traqview software maps the track showing your line through the turns, speed and G-forces as they happen, braking points, acceleration points, and detailed printable graphs of every data input. You can configure and add drivers, vehicles, and tracks, quickly upload sessions, and get immediate results. Share and Compare your laps against your friends, other racers, and even yourself. Use Drag and Drop Segment Analysis to see who is faster in which turns and why. Play back an entire race in real-time, fast-forward, single-step, and even reverse!

Comparison Multi-Car Playback

Multi-car Playback lets you create virtual races between different cars at different times on the same track. Zoom in to find out why your car was faster last time or why your friend is faster today. You can even create a Theoretical best lap based on segments, combined with HD video using TraqStudio software and this instantly shows you how fast you can theory ;) Take your data acquisition to the next level.

Traqview Software

Drop and Go - Stick a Traqmate in your car, turn it on, and collect data all day long. No sensors required.

Replay Your Day - Upload the data into Traqview. See your car on the track and your performance on the virtual dashboard. Instant Gratification See your lap times as they happen on the in-car display.

Share and Compare - Create virtual races with friends or with yourself from different sessions. Trade laps with your friends. Learn from them. Share and Compare.

Easy to Use - No engineering degree required. The Traqmate Basic Unit has one button. What could be easier? The Traqmate Complete Systems have a displays with easy to use with menu-driven prompts in English and Larger Icons.

Analyze - Zoom in on your lap. Single step to see G loads and speed. Compare braking and acceleration points between cars and drivers. Graph data vs. time and distance.

Share - Your Toys, Loan your Traqmate to a friend or loan your car to a faster driver. Then compare their laps against your own. Even two drivers with equal laptimes can both learn from one another.

Rugged - Traqmate was designed to withstand the tough environment of a race car to give you years of service.

Grow - Want even more information? Add sensors for digital, analog, and tachometer inputs.

Video - You can add HD Video at anytime.

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  5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Worth Every Penny November 30, 2010
Reviewer: Randy Pobst - Pro Driver  
"I truly believe your product can be a great help to drivers looking to improve their performance"

"For regular Joes, the Traqmate gives you all the basic information -and even more- for less than a set of tires, and is worth every penny"

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  5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
The best purchase you can make November 30, 2010
Reviewer: Guy Cosmo -Pro Driver, Driving Instructor  
"If you want to improve both car and driver, Traqmate is the best purchase you can make"

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  5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Traqmate is Awesome! November 30, 2010
Reviewer: Jesse Clark- Defending HPDE Champion  
Anyone considering getting data acq. should do it. I'm just slowly learning how to use the software and it's already extremely useful. I just spent 3 days at Watkins looking at the data after every session or two and was able to find exactly where I was losing speed; things I never would've figured out on my own. After a couple tweaks in my line I cut a 2:13.148, which I'm pretty happy with. I still have plenty of sessions to look at and hopefully find other places where I can improve. I'll load up the graphs onto the Traqmate site soon.

Anyway, point being is that it's a great tool. If you've progressed through the DE ranks and really haven't learned anything new in awhile, look into this.

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  5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
The product is mind blowing! Thank You November 30, 2010
Reviewer: Steven  
The service which you provided to me was second to none.. excellent advice, professional service and a very quick international service.

The product is mind blowing and has enabled me to see how I can improve my driving ability, where to make-up lost time and ultimately how to improve.  Your documentation is excellent and the product is exactly what I needed.

Credit where it is due - Everyone who has seen the installation, results and analysis is amazed.  Keep up the development and thank you so much for the excellent service.

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  5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Professional Race Drivers Instruct with Traqmate November 30, 2010
Reviewer: Guy Cosmo- Pro Driver  
Want to get the most out of your beloved Traqmate GPS Data Acquisition System?  How about working with a professional race car driver that can teach you not only the in's and out's of driving like a professional, but the in's and out's of working with your Traqmate to it's fullest capabilities?  Now we're talking, aren't we...?

Work with experienced professionals like Grand-Am Daytona Prototype driver and ALMS Rookie of the Year, Guy Cosmo.  Work with SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Ace and Bimmer World driver Seth Thomas.  Put a professional in the passenger seat while you drive and receive instantaneous feedback on your technique.  Put a professional behind the wheel of your car and collect their driving data with your Traqmate GPS Data and Video system and compare their data directly against yours.  See exactly how the pro's go fast and exactly where you can improve your driving against theirs.  Learn the details of working with your Traqmate System and how to fully understand it's capabilities and how to interpret that data into improved driving.  Learn from the best - Hang with the best - Then be the best.

Guy, Seth and their team of instructors are not only professionals behind the wheel, but professional instructors as well as pros with Traqmate GPS Data Acquisition Systems.  They know the system as good as anyone, and can help you learn how to make your Traqmate work for you - as well as show you a few good tricks on the track.

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