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Professional Driving Coaches

So you've gotten to the point where you want to become truly consistent, fast and safe. You are ready to take your driving to the next level.

Professional driving coaches are the answer. Having logged thousands of hours at tracks around the world with every type of driver imaginable, the knowledge they bring to the table simply cannot be understated.

Peter Krause and Associates

Optimizing the on-track performance of track day, club and historic racing drivers is our primary, professional business. We use the latest technology to objectively measure driver performance.

For over twenty-five years, we’ve educated thousands of drivers in the art and science of driving VERY fast. Our major concentration is on club and historic racing drivers.

Scott Siegel

Raced shifter karts for a number of years, and now race Spec Miata. I am the Performance Engineer at Subaru of Gwinnett as well as a professional tuner at TopSpeed and Forged Performance.
I have been instructing for several years, and have instructed for SCCA, Ferrari Club of America, Porsche BMW Owners Club (PBOC), BMWCCA, ITRCA, and a number of private racers.

Guy Cosmo
Guy is available for private coaching and group instruction at club racing events, track days, test sessions or pro races across the nation. Guy's twenty-plus years of experience behind the wheel combined with his ability to communicate and transform information into improved driving technique and quicker lap times after ten years of teaching makes him an invaluable asset to any driver.

David Tuaty

David Tuaty and all TLM Driving pros are available for private coaching, dealer events and group instruction at any race track or venue. TLM Driving pros will share technical data, driving specifics, and will even ride and drive. Using the latest in GPS Data technology for instant feedback, there is no better way to improve driving than correcting techniques while driving. The instruction is tailored to the individual, not generic information

Andre' Surles

Andre' is available for private coaching and remote data analysis as well as video production. I've been doing track day coaching for many years and providing NASA with HP analysis as well as helping many customers throughout the years. I understand Traqmate at a core level and I can find you speed.

Are you a driving coach who is interested in or already using Traqmate to help drivers learn to go faster?