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All About Traqmate

What is Traqmate?

The Traqmate is a vehicle data acquisition device that uses a high-speed GPS receiver and high resolution accelerometers to track and record the speed of a vehicle, its absolute location, and forces acting on the vehicle.

The Track Systems Traqview analysis program uses advanced mathematical algorithms to translate this data into visual form where it is easy to spot differences between drivers, vehicles, and sessions.

TraqStudio program adds the ability to integrate HD video into the equation for an extremely powerful analysis tool. You can also create beautiful full screen 1080p videos with gauges and graphics.

The Traqmate will control select HD cameras and even two at once. You can also add multiple inputs to monitor external sensors like oil, water, rpm and temperatures.


We designed the Traqmate to fit any budget, you can build it up as you go.

Traqmate Basic - Provides you with everything you need to get started with our powerful GPS-based data acquisition system, including built-in flash memory. Essentially a small box that is mounted in your vehicle on a level surface. Using GPS and Accelerometers it records exactly what you are doing and features auto start. Truly set it and forget it!

Traqmate Dash Complete - Traqmate's TraqDash color touchscreen display unit is the most powerful data system we offer. Features include multiple record modes, easy setup and configuration, built-in shift and warning lights, large easy-to-read numbers, awesome graphics, and Traqmate accuracy. TraqDash works with existing cameras, and accessories.

HD Video & Data Integration

Traqmate HD -
We combine our data hardware with select HD video cameras that we fully control in order to create the ultimate track experience and learning tool. Integrated data and HD video products will collect synchronized data and video and play it back using the award-winning TraqStudio software. You can zip to any place on the track and the video will follow it. You can play in slow motion, fast motion, or single step. And one button will produce videos for the web or big-screens with overlaid gauges.

What do I get?

  • Instant feedback with the predictive lap timer and instant lap times with no beacon
  • System stores tracks, laps, drivers, and car information
  • One button Start/Stop for video and data recording, everything is synced instantly
  • The Best software on the market

Want Data Inputs? Data Inputs

TraqData USB -Allows you to hook up 4 analogs operating on 5, 10, or 20 volt ranges, 1 digital, and a tach signal input to your Traqmate. It will also provide complete ON/OFF and RECORD/STOP control for a select HD Cameras and charging.
TraqTach - Simple one wire hookup to add in the tach signal.

Easy Install

A Traqmate system can be installed by anyone, it's extremely simple and requires no real wiring.
  1. Stick Traqmate Sensor Unit on a level surface using the arrow to point towards the front of the car.
  2. Hook up the power, either through the cig adapter or hard-wire power setup included in the kit.
  3. Mount the magnetic GPS antenna outside the car, on the roof or a deck lid for instance.
  4. If you have a the Display mount it anywhere within reach of the driver, we offer various mounts too.
  5. That's it.
  6. Go a camera? Simply mount that where you like and connect the Traqmate connection cable.
Want to be portable?
We are the only Data and Video System that offers true portability, we offer various rechargeable battery options that can power your system. Great for swapping systems between cars, magazine testing, driver training schools and unique applications.

I recorded my day, now what?

Replay It! Analyze your data and video with our award winning software.

Overlay and Compare Multiple Drivers and Sessions
  • Test and Tune
  • Know Where Your Slow
  • Graphs Galore
  • Detailed Segment Analysis
  • Theoretical Best Lap with HD Video
Video Integration - Take it to the next level with our Video and Data tools. See exactly what you did and when you did it. Theoretical Best Lap combines all your fastest segments instantly with HD video to create the perfect lap. You can even create videos in almost in format with cool gauges to share with your family and friends.

Our goal has always been to make it Simple and Easy. The tools are powerful enough for Professional Drivers but are easy enough for anyone to understand.

Share and Compare

Racing is supposed to be fun!

Share and Compare your laps online with other racers from around the world, check out racetracks before you go, learn, explore and enjoy the art of driving well.

Share and Compare


We Race, We Understand

You'll find more Traqmate's at your local track than any other system, you may also run into someone from Team Traqmate. We support our customers with Track Side assistance, doing installs, analyzing data and sourcing parts. We attend more races and track events than anyone, we are grassroots and we stand behind our product.

We also have a large online community and support forums

Does it really work?

The beauty of Traqmate is in it's simplicity, allowing the driver to identify and jettison the 80% they are doing well and focus on the 20% that will yield REAL improvement. Coupled with video, it's fantastic!
Peter L. Krause - Professional Driving Coach

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How to Videos
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