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Traqview is our Free Windows based software program that allows you to analyze your data and easily see your progress as a driver. With few quick clicks you can see a detailed GPS track map, braking points, speeds and detailed graphs. Designed from the ground up to be intuitive and simple to use. Racers choose Traqmate for a reason.

Powerful Software

Our unique and powerful Traqview software maps the track showing your line through the turns, speed and G-forces as they happen, braking points, acceleration points, and detailed printable graphs of every data input. You can configure and add drivers, vehicles, and tracks, quickly upload sessions, and get immediate results. Share and Compare your laps against your friends, other racers, and even yourself. Use Drag and Drop Sector Analysis to see who is faster in which turns and why. Play back an entire race in real-time, fast-forward, single-step, and even reverse!

Multi-Car Playback

Multi-car Playback lets you create virtual races between different cars at different times on the same track. Zoom in to find out why your car was faster last time or why your friend is faster today. You can even create a Theoretical best lap based on segments, combined with video this instantly shows you how fast you can theory ;) Take your data acquisition to the next level with Traqmate Complete.

User Manual

We Highly recommend reading the manual, it contains tons of great information about data analysis, driving and setup that is essential to getting the most out of yourself and the system.

Download the User Manual