TraqDash HD with Replay Prime-X + Data
TraqDash HD with Replay Prime-X + Data

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The Ultimate TraqDash System with Prime-X HD
  • TraqDash Complete System
  • Waterproof Preprogrammed 1080p @ 60FPS Prime-X Camera Kit with All Cables and Basic Mounts
  • 4 Analogs Inputs, 1 Digital, RPM and 2X camera control with charging
  • Data Video Integration Software
  • RaceRender 3 Video Creation Suite

  • If purchased separately: $2,149.00
    Bundle Price: $1,699.00
    You save $450.00!

    Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
    Product Code: 930007REPLAYPRIME-X

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    TraqDash HD with Replay Prime-X + Data
    Brilliant color, gloves-on touchscreen, powerful predictive lap timing, and over 350 track locations, all in a compact package. Now add a synchronized 1080 HD camera and integrated data / video software for an amazing price. This complete track-ready setup includes everything you need to Learn to Go Faster!

    With over 350 preprogrammed track Start/Finishes you will never have to worry. Simply turn on the TraqDash and it knows exactly where you are and sets the track for you. Easy.

    The TraqDash features full gauges, a predictive lap timer and warning pop-ups on one screen. You can choose drivers, cars, and tracks. Review your laps and sessions instantly to get feedback on your performance and your cars. Share and Compare laps with thousands of other racers to get the edge you need to win!

    Multiple Record modes, racing gauges, built-in shift and warning lights and large easy-to-read numbers. Combine that with awesome graphics and an easy to use interface and you've got the TraqDash.

    The TraqDash data system collects speed via GPS and uses a built in accelerometer to capture you and your cars every movement. You'll be able analyze your braking technique, see shift points, entry and exit speeds and easily overlay your laps, sessions and friends data for comparison. All that with nothing but power connected to the vehicle!

    Now combine all that data with synchronized HD video and you have a package that will truly make you faster! See exactly where you are on track, watch your hand movements and monitor other drivers around you. You can even create a theoretical best lap with video and data with a single click.

    Our goal is the make the process of video and data analysis easy, powerful and fun.

    Take it to the next level with the included RaceRender 3 Video Creation Suite. Combine multiple videos from any source, overlay Traqmate data with literally any gauge or overlay imaginable. Logos, graphics, maps, graphs and so much more. RaceRender allows you to create professional videos that represent you and or your company.

    Want even more data?TraqData USB allows you to connect 4 analog sensors such as oil temp, water temp, oil pressure or air/fuel. The data traces can be analyzed right along with your laps to see how the car is doing throughout the race. RPM's can also be monitored as well to see any over revs and combined with air/fuel to create a dyno on every straight!

    Example Output Video with RaceRender 3
    Change the Quality to HD in the lower right.

    Kit Includes:
    • Traqmate GPS Sensor Unit
    • TraqDash Full Color Touchscreen Display
    • 4Gig SD Card
    • TraqStudio data/video integration software
    • RaceRender 3 Video Creation Suite
    • USB Camera Control
    • Waterproof Preprogrammed 1080p @ 60FPS Prime-X Camera Kit with All Cables and Basic Mounts
    • TraqData USB 2x Camera Control + Charging with 4 Analog Inputs, 1 Digital and RPM
    • Magnetic mount GPS antenna
    • Velcro mounting
    • 6' Locking Connection Cable SU - DU (M - F)
    • Cigarette lighter or 12VDC Power Cable

    TraqDash Features

    • Full Gauges and Shift Lights
    • Assignable Warning Lights
    • Compact 5.2 x 3.6 x 1"
    • Locking Connectors
    • Standard SD Card
    • 4.3" Wide Format Color Touchscreen
    • Works with all Traqmate Peripherals
    • Works with all Traqmate Sync Cameras

    Prime-X Information
    • Waterproof and dust proof with O-Ring seals.
    • 1080p @ 60fps
    • 720p at 120fps
    • Wide Angle FOV is 140 degrees
    • Micro-sd card slot and supports a memory card up to 64 GB (4gig card included) in size
    • Weight 3.0 ounces
    • Size 3.8" x 1.1"
    • Built-in LED & Vibration Feedback
    • WiFi Enabled when not connected to the Traqmate
    Replay Prime-X PDF

    The Camera

    The Professional HD Action Camera

    Prime X is a 4th Generation Replay XD HD camera. Through a culmination of 9 years of experience, incredible industrial design, and ingenious engineering, Prime X combines never before seen size, light-weight, power, optics, image sensor, processing, and aerospace-grade materials, all built into an aluminum professional HD camera. Pro users will love the Prime Xs beautiful and sharp high quality image, advanced features including Wi-Fi, superior craftsmanship, and Replay XDs trademarked settings and simplicity that allow the everyday video enthusiast to use Prime X with ease. We have combined thousands of hours of R&D, production-world feedback, the best talents, and materials to create the best and most versatile Professional HD POV Action Camera.


    Prime X is the first HD action camera to feature a custom mini prime cinema lens. The Hyperion CinePrime X lens is exclusively designed to be the worlds first 1/2 inch format lens to incorporate a patent pending, aspherical, multi element all-glass design, with SLD elements, CineAR Anti-reflection coatings, and superior chromatic correction, all optimized for a cinematic look and feel. Hyperion CinePrime X Lens is professional grade with a 140 Natural Wide Angle FOV operating at T/2.8, /2.7, all protected by a new impact resistant glass window, lens cover.

    Exclusive Hyperion CinePrime X Lens

    140 Natural Wide Angle operating at T/2.8, /2.7

    Protected by an impact resistant Glass Window, Lens Cover

    We believe that capturing the best image starts with the lens, but its also where the lens meets the sensor. Hyperion CinePrime X is finely-tuned to match an all new 1/2.3 inch, 16MP CMOS sensor, for tack sharp, high frame rate HD video, and large fine detail still images. Prime X new sensor also features 33% lower power consumption for better battery life, higher sensitivity, better dynamic range, good lowlight performance with noise-free blacks, allowing you to shoot beautiful video up to 1080p 60 fps, 720p 120 fps, features Cinema 24/48, NTSC 30/60/120, & PAL 25/50 frame rates as well as 4K Ultra high definition time-lapse sequences and large still images at 16MP 4:3, 14MP 3:2, and 12MP 16:9 sizes.

    Prime X is waterproof up to 3 Meters / 10 Feet, so no need for a separate waterproof case for most activities. Water-tight, o-ring seals are used throughout the advanced aluminum housing to ensure water and other elements stay out while you Record. Replay XD designed a new DeepDive 197 housing to fit the Prime X perfectly-snug, rattle-free, with button access to your favorite settings so you can dive to depths of 60 Meters / 197 Feet.

    Waterproof to 3 Meters / 10 Feet

    New Sealed Bezel and Flat Rear Cap

    Sealed Anodized Aluminum Housing

    Internal Audio: We spend a lot of time obsessing over audio. Our extreme environment experience has helped us develop, engineer, and test the right combination of acoustic materials and microphones to suppress wind noise yet still capture realistic audio. Prime X can capture audio from fine dialogue to 8,000 horsepower screaming engines. External Audio: For critical audio applications we have built in an External Audio option to connect high quality Lav Mics, Ext. Audio sources, or other In-car Radio Communication through a standard 3.5mm Mini-jack adapter.

    The Replay Prime-X Camera has optional billet rollbar mounts that provide a very firm platform for mounting and include some basic mounting options and sticky mounts as well. We recommend the rollbar mounts.

    The view out - Field of View
    The Replay Prime-X features a very wide 140 degree FOV.

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    Traqmate, an Ideal Tool for Driver Improvement February 17, 2016
    Reviewer: Peter L. Krause - Professional Driving Coach from Charlottesville, VA United States  
    The beauty of Traqmate is in it's simplicity, allowing  the driver to identify and jettison the 80% they are doing well and focus on the 20% that will yield REAL improvement. Coupled with video, it's fantastic!

    Track time is expensive. Traqmate is sensitive enough to allow identification of acceleration, braking and lateral (cornering) acceleration rates and measures, so much so that you can easily FIND OUT where and what to do better.

    I've sold over seventy-five of these units over the last two years and have trained hundreds of drivers how to get simple to extraordinary amounts of information from this simple system.

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