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While we were creating the TraqDash product, we wrote a program for Windows to simulate the software so we could test it before release. We found it to be really useful so we just kept going and made it into a full-blown simulation.
This software installs and runs on your PC and simulates a TraqDash product. You click the mouse like you would touch the touchscreen. Exit the program by clicking on the ON/OFF icon on the upper right side. You can now download this program and run it right at your desk. Check it out by clicking the link below the video.

TraqDash PC

You can use it to:

Try out the TraqDash - see the crisp amazing graphics and the user friendly menus.
Learn to use the TraqDash - the simulation includes simulated data so you can practice entering race modes and viewing laps.
Edit your TraqDash configuration files - you can run if from your SD card and it will show your data and let you create new drivers, vehicles, and tracks.

After downloading, try Go Racing / Lap/Race to enter a race mode. Click on the top and bottom of the screen to step through some race screens.
The red button in the lower left goes back to the previous menu.
The blue button in the upper left has help for every screen.
Feel free to pass this on to your friends so they can play too!