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Don't Lose your Data
Always hit the Red Button to at the end of the session to SAVE, don't just power off the unit. Data may be lost. If you have your unit hardwired in the racecar this tip is for you!

GPS Antenna Mounting

Always mount the GPS antenna outside the car with a full 360 view. Satellites are often on the horizon and not just straight above.
Use back-to-back velcro or double-sided sticky tape to mount the GPS antenna to aluminum, Fiberglas, or glass.

The Permanent mount antenna provides it's own ground plane and performs better on nonmetal cars

TraqDash Warning! - Kill Switches
Dropping the power to the TraqDash when using a Kill Switch can be very dangerous. Typically at idle this isn't a problem, however if you are required to run your car up to 3000rpm and drop power please disconnect the Traqmate. That high rpm hit can produce a powerful spike of electricity from the alternator and in some cases destroy the TraqDash.

Traqmate on a Mac
The Traqview/Traqstudio software does not run natively on the Mac but can be run using Bootcamp or VMFusion. More information here.

I have a Traqmate Basic and want to Upgrade and add a Display.

In order to upgrade you must convert the Basic sensor unit to a complete sensor unit.
  • Connect the sensor unit to PC and go to update the firmware.
  • Install Traqmate Complete SU firmware (DSU) located in the forum here.
  • Once this is done the 'Old Basic' will no longer connect to the PC without a Classic Display or a TraqDash.

TraqDash Dimming? (update your firmware)
Simply update your firmware to the latest version.

If updating the firmware doesn't fix the issue then put your SD card in your PC.

Place a folder named tempcal on the SD card Open Computer Click on SD card to show files Right Click / New / Folder type "tempcal" Put your SD card in your TraqDash Touch System Setup / Storage / Personalize.

You should see two buttons on the bottom right.

One says Temp and the other displays a number around 500.

In a hot environment such as at the track, touch the number button to recalibrate.

You should see CAL 75F = 475 or something similar on the lower left after you have completed this successfully.

Combining Multiple Video Files into a single file
All cameras are limited to a certain file size, after that time they create a new file. In order to work with that limitation you must combine larger files into a single file if you wish to compare them seamlessly in Traqstudio. See the link below on how to do this.

Combine Multiple Video Files

GoPro HERO2 Firmware Update.

You must run you GoPro HERO 2 using the correct firmware in order for it to work properly with your Traqmate.

Here are the instructions on how to update the GoPro

Set the Date: - It is important to Set the Date on your GoPro. (note: one button mode needs to be disabled to do this). By setting the date it will be easy to match the video and date. Check out the GoPro site Here.

Are you having issues with your GoPro setup? If you have followed all the instructions listed Here and are still having issues, check out the forum answers Here.

Do you have a longer Race session and need to combine your video files into a single file? Here is the answer.

Here are a few advanced tips for installation and mounting, and external mic setups.

HERO3 & 4 - The HERO3 & 4 will not work with the Traqmate Camera Controllers, some people have reported that the 'White' will turn on but will not turn off. We do not recommend connecting the controllers to a HERO3 & 4.

Video from the HERO3 & 4 can be used in our software, we just cannot control the camera.

Recording Time - 40Hz for Video Sync.

Always set your Traqmate to 40Hz if you are using camera sync cables for optimal performance.

Traqmate Classic works best at 20Hz or 40Hz. Use 10Hz for long races or travel.

TraqDash always runs at 40Hz and uses and SD card and the files are extremely small. You will rarely fill up the supplied 4gig card. We do recommend you empty from time to time to speed up the TraqDash.We do NOT recommend faster SDHC or larger SD cards as not all of them perform in the same way.

Compare Laps and Drivers

To compare your own laps in Traqview, add the same session in again as another driver.

Can I use the Traqmate without the Display?

No, the Sensor Unit cannot be used by itself unless it started life as a Basic. The firmware is different.

Check your Inputs

Traqmate Classic Complete - Use the Other Features/GPS Location (non-recording) mode to ensure GPS reception and that the unit is mounted level in the vehicle. For best results, keep the X and Y below +-0.05 Gs when parked on a level surface.

TraqDash - Race Setup, Vehicle, Vehicle Settings, Inputs. From there just select the input you are looking at and enable it. You can adjust the settings from there.

RPM and Data Inputs

RPM hooked up but not working? Change the micro switch inside the TraqData / TraqSync / TraqTach device from E (electronic) to C (coil). If you have the right signal source, that should do it.

For TraqSync/TraqTach, unclip the side of the connector and lift up.

For TraqData, remove 2 screws on bottom and lift off lid.

Sensor Information

Check the Application Notes section in the Forums.

Loose Cables?

Sensor unit cable coming loose in a high vibration environment? Some of our users have created a work around by using a simple rubber band.

Display and sensor unit connection can be tapped together.

Locking Connectors Upgrade


Make sure you mount your Traqmate off the floor to some degree if you have an open cockpit car or one that easily collects water on the floor. You can also simply put a bag around the unit if there is a downpour or better yet put the unit in a small tool box.


Hit the Traqmate logo on the Classic Display to back light the screen for better readability.

Switching Between Cars?

The best and most efficient way to do this is to purchase an additional set of cables, mounts, and gps antenna's. That way all the hard-wiring can be done cleanly and swapping the sensor unit and display is all that needs to be moved.

If you have data inputs simply install some quick connects on the Traqdata and your Sensor wires.

We highly recommend separate camera's for each vehicle due to the time consuming aiming and setup.

Second Car Kit

Black Bars in Traqview/Traqstudio with Win7 & 64?

To get rid of the black lines using Windows 7/64, right click on Traqmate icon on your desktop and click properties. Then go to compatibility.

Check box
"Run this program in compatibility mode for:" Pull down to VISTA

User Manuals and Recommended Data Sensors

Read the User Manuals

How to Videos

Click Here to Learn How to Use the Traqmate System

Resetting the Start Finish

Traqmate Classic Complete - Pressing SELECT (green button) at the Start/Finish screen on the display RESETS the S/F.

TraqDash - Race Setup, Track, Settings, Start/Finish.

If you need Start Finish Coordinates just click HERE.

Sony HD - Video

Do Not Purchase - Sony HDR CX130 & CX160 - Vibration Issue

When using a Sony HD camera always set the camera to save video to the SD card instead of internal memory. It is extremely important that you pull the video directly from the card and NOT use the USB connection to the camera. Doing so will convert the native .MTS files to an unsupported format, so always use the SD or Sony Card.

Once the video is on the system you can convert it to a .MP4 or .WMV using the AISEESOFT MTS Converter, that way you can write the video. The .MTS files will work and play for analysis, however the .MP4 or .WMV conversion is superior for playback and creating videos.

Sony HD Video - Not Turning On?

Try power cycling the the Traqmate at least 3 times, this usually is only an issue the first time the Traqdata HD is setup and connected to the camera.

ChaseCam - In Car Video Glare Issue

The ChaseCam does not have a contrast adjustment, so closed cars can be a problem, especially if the camera is mounted in the rear of the car.


A fix we have found to work is to make your own glare filter:
Remove the glass lens protector from the end of the camera (The protector unscrews).

Cut a small rectangular piece of dark window tint and install it on the glass from the lens protector, so that it will create a band that runs through the lens protector.


Wait for it to dry and install the lens protector back on the camera, making sure to align the rectangular piece of window tint with the camera lens.

It is tedious to do but it works great.