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Questions and Answers from Webinar 1

We tried to capture all the questions but some may have escaped our chat system.

Questions are in Color and are Bold with Answers in italic

You appear to be at the top of your game in SM, does the challenge of moving into another class interest you?

Answered in webinar.

Learning to drive on a track by itself is overwhelming, at what point and which data elements should a novice use?

What should be added next? Which element helped you the most?

Answered in webinar.

Was hoping to go over what to look at when comparing laps from 2 drivers in same car.

Answered in webinar. Webinar 2 dedicated to similar topic.

What is the easiest way to analyze how you performed driving one single corner in a session. I.e, if I do 10 laps in a session and want to compare turn 1 of each of those laps.

Answered in webinar.

Jim's methodology using Traqmate after each session?

Answered in webinar.

I have a Traqmate classic now. I want to be able to have synchronized video (front and rear cameras). What product and cost is required to do this?

Traqdata Pro or Traqsync Pro. Pricing details in traqmate store.

What air/fuel ratio logger do you use?

Jim uses Innovate LC-1. Traqmate recommends AEM UEGO.

What do you think the class needs to grow in the near future, distant future?

Off-topic for this webinar. Please submit this question on

Steps going from 'lap counter' to driving improvement???

Answered on webinar. More in Webinar 2.

While I am able to overlay video onto data, I can't save that overlay as a separate file so that I can then delete the raw video or save the data/video file to another media. How do I accomplish getting a separate file with the data/video overlay?

Answered in webinar.

What analog inputs is Jim tracking with traqmate?

Brake pressure, air fuel, oil pressure, water temp. Can swap in battery voltage when necessary.

You mentioned an update to the new traqdash, when will that be available?

TraqDash update will be released in March with a new 4 Analog screen, more robust power management, more tracks, GPS simulation mode for use at dyno or in-garage testing, and support for new ReplayXD bullet cameras.

How can I find areas where the car's handling could be improved, eg understeer, oversteer, brake lockup, etc?

That is too complex to answer right here but we will try to do a future webinar on this topic.

How important is the brake pressure sensor in your analysis?

You can get 90% of the value of a brake pressure sensor with the accelerometer data (Brake/Accel G vs. Time and Distance) as well as the Friction Circle. To take your braking performance between very good and great will require a brake pressure sensor.

Do you have a repository where I can find data for tracks I drive on?

Yes, the Traqmate Share and Compare website has a complete track database and data and video you can download for comparison.

After I combine another driver's lap with my lap, how do I put both cars at the same place on the track. The cars will of course start at the same place (Start/Finish), but how do I put them in the same place in any give corner. That's important because, say driver 1 is fastest overall, but driver 2 is faster than driver 1 through turn 6. How do I put both cars in the same place at, say, the entry to turn 6 so I can see how each does?

Answered in webinar.

How important is working with a team mate in your overall development as a driver?

Overlay with another driver is the best tool you can have but you can get very useful data from just your own data. This is the subject of Webinar 2.

How can you find all E30 data and Videos for WGI? If I have an E30, looking at Z06 data doesn't help me.

There is no car field in the database but you can search for track and then step through the available data to find comparable comparisons.