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Traqmate, an Ideal Tool for Driver Improvement

The beauty of Traqmate is in it's simplicity, allowing  the driver to identify and jettison the 80% they are doing well and focus on the 20% that will yield REAL improvement. Coupled with video, it's fantastic!

Track time is expensive. Traqmate is sensitive enough to allow identification of acceleration, braking and lateral (cornering) acceleration rates and measures, so much so that you can easily FIND OUT where and what to do better.

I've sold over seventy-five of these units over the last two years and have trained hundreds of drivers how to get simple to extraordinary amounts of information from this simple system.

Peter L. Krause - Professional Driving Coach

A Winning Story

Dear Traqmate,

I've owned my Traqmate Complete system with Display Unit for since late 2007 I believe.  I previously had a demo in at a local track from an authorized dealer after he installed it in my car for a session.  Really neat stuff I thought.  The next year I decided to splurge for the setup as I was moving into NASA TT (Time Trials) and was more and more concerned with lowering my laptimes.

Fastforward to 2010 where I had been competing in NASA TT for 3 years.  I had racked up several wins and a handful of track records.  Thanks to my traqmate I was able to learn where I was losing and gaining time in comparison to previous trips to the track as well as my friends data.  I had started to rely heavily on the newer Qualifying mode as well.  Using the optional suction cup mount my unit was a fixture in my front windshield.  However through the cold nights and hot days sometimes the suction cup need to be removed and reapplied.  There's been a few times it was slid down and I have had to grab it and secure it in the glovebox or something...

At a July 2010 event I was out for a morning session at Autobahn Country Club's South Course.  On my first hotlap I flew into a tight right-hander and my suction cup let go!  I watched in agony as my Traqmate Display unit slowly slid across my dash, detached itself from the connection wire and literally flew out of the driver's side window!  On my next lap I approached the same turn (turn 7) expecting to see a possible debris flag and some crunchy pieces of my unit at the edge of the track - but the track was clear.  I kept turning laps and I eventually spotted my Display Unit - with the Suction Cup still attached - about 2 feet off the corner just after the red/white burm.  It hadn't yet been squashed but it was in a prime location to get ran over by a late corner exit.

I noticed the NASA officials after my session and told them what had happened.  It was more of a funny story at this point as I did not think I'd ever get back anything but maybe a handful of broken pieces.  The day continued and I was back out on track a few hours later and was able to spot my Traqmate still surviving in the same spot.  I couldn't tell if it had moved, but it still looked to be in 1 piece.  Later still during the lunchhour I had a NASA official walk over to my paddock area and ask me if I'd lost anything and started laughing.  I said 'yes' and told him the sad story and how I'd be ordering a new DU.  He then showed me what was behind his back - MY DU!  Seriously!  I hooked it back up and it still worked!  Now the data from that session did not save because it was shutoff midstream, but it worked the rest of the day.  And it's worked ever since; for another year and counting!

Thanks for making a good product and can take a small beating!  

Your customer,

-Nathan Pitcher

Traqmate Works!

Traqmate helped me take 2 seconds off my Road Atlanta Lap!

Dan Parker - JP Class BMW

Excellent data acquisition for the money!

Excellent data acquisition for the money. Helped me to see that I was screwing up the button hook at TWS on 30% of my laps during the last race. Not good when your competitor get that corner right most of the time. Now I know to focus in practice/qualifying on that corner to get it right 100% of the time and put myself in a position to pounce on my competitors mistake.

Did I mention the fact that you don't have to put up a beacon for your lap timer anymore? GPS is great!!!


Tim Evans -


I have used every data system out there, Traqmate is the easiest way to get great data!

Jack Baldwin- Pro Driver

Professional Race Drivers Instruct with Traqmate

Want to get the most out of your beloved Traqmate GPS Data Acquisition System?  How about working with a professional race car driver that can teach you not only the in's and out's of driving like a professional, but the in's and out's of working with your Traqmate to it's fullest capabilities?  Now we're talking, aren't we...?

Work with experienced professionals like Grand-Am Daytona Prototype driver and ALMS Rookie of the Year, Guy Cosmo.  Work with SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Ace and Bimmer World driver Seth Thomas.  Put a professional in the passenger seat while you drive and receive instantaneous feedback on your technique.  Put a professional behind the wheel of your car and collect their driving data with your Traqmate GPS Data and Video system and compare their data directly against yours.  See exactly how the pro's go fast and exactly where you can improve your driving against theirs.  Learn the details of working with your Traqmate System and how to fully understand it's capabilities and how to interpret that data into improved driving.  Learn from the best - Hang with the best - Then be the best.

Guy, Seth and their team of instructors are not only professionals behind the wheel, but professional instructors as well as pros with Traqmate GPS Data Acquisition Systems.  They know the system as good as anyone, and can help you learn how to make your Traqmate work for you - as well as show you a few good tricks on the track.

Guy Cosmo - Pro Driver

Traqmate is Awesome!

Anyone considering getting data acq. should do it. I'm just slowly learning how to use the software and it's already extremely useful. I just spent 3 days at Watkins looking at the data after every session or two and was able to find exactly where I was losing speed; things I never would've figured out on my own. After a couple tweaks in my line I cut a 2:13.148, which I'm pretty happy with. I still have plenty of sessions to look at and hopefully find other places where I can improve. I'll load up the graphs onto the Traqmate site soon.

Anyway, point being is that it's a great tool. If you've progressed through the DE ranks and really haven't learned anything new in awhile, look into this.

Jesse Clark- Defending HPDE Champion

The product is mind blowing! Thank You

The service which you provided to me was second to none.. excellent advice, professional service and a very quick international service.

The product is mind blowing and has enabled me to see how I can improve my driving ability, where to make-up lost time and ultimately how to improve.  Your documentation is excellent and the product is exactly what I needed.

Credit where it is due - Everyone who has seen the installation, results and analysis is amazed.  Keep up the development and thank you so much for the excellent service.

Kind Regards

Best investment I have ever made

This has been an incredible season for SMS racing with 18 class wins, a NASA ST-1 National Championship, an ALMS GT support race win, SCCA Regional/National win and a North American Road Racing Viper League win. The Traqmate system worked so well all year, that we were able to find more and more ways to utilize the information to shave lap times. I have been autocrossing and road racing for more than 25 years and Traqmate is the best single investment that I have ever made in terms of verifying or disproving theory's of what will bring down lap times. Congratulations on an outstanding product.

George Smith