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Traqmate will be teaming up with Sector Purple Racing for the
NASA 25Hrs at Thunderhill on Dec 6th - 7th.
The TraqDash is perfect for long endurance events and rallies. The SD card storage can hold weeks of data and the camera charging ensures that you record everything on video without changing cards or swapping cameras. Drivers can insert a personal SD card or just select their name on the TraqDash.
Here's our 25 Hour Setup:
  • TraqDash HD System
  • 3X Mobius Cameras per car with TraqData USB
  • Cameras set to 720-30 HD with a 64Gbyte MicroSD Card = 25 hours!
  • Data Logging - Lap Times, Track Position, Lateral G, Braking Force, Air / Fuel Ratio, and Oil Pressure
  • At each driver stop, we will be analyzing driver and vehicle data. We will be coaching the drivers for consistency, speed, and conservation. To ensure the cars make it to the end with minimal maintenance, we will monitor brake usage, oil pressure, and air/fuel ratio throughout the day / night / day event.
We will post up more information on Facebook as the event moves forward.